What is an anterior repair?

Anterior repair is a procedure to repair a prolapse on the front wall of the vagina (cystocele). It is carried out vaginally.

What does the operation involve?

It involves making a cut on the front wall of the vagina and repairing the wall between the bladder and vagina, this cures the bulge in the vaginal wall. The operation normally takes around 30 minutes to complete.

Most anterior repairs in our unit are safely performed under local anaesthesia. However, in some cases a general anaesthetic may be more appropriate.

Other repairs

Prolapse on the front wall of the vagina (cystocele) commonly exist together with prolapse at other sites, such as the uterus (womb) or the back wall of the vagina (rectocele). If there is a prolapse at any other site, the surgeon may suggest repairing this at the same time.

What is recovery after surgery like?

If the anterior repair is performed under local anaesthesia, the patient can usually go home the same day, there is no catheter.

If a general anaesthetic is used, the patient stays in hospital over night, or sometimes longer if necessary. A catheter and drip are inserted which are usually removed on the first morning after the operation. The patient is able to eat, drink and move around.

Recovery time varies. After local anaesthetic repair most women are back to normal within a couple of days, although they must avoid heavy lifting for about a month. The internal stitches take about 6 weeks to dissolve, during this time there may be some vaginal discharge.

Further information

For more information about recovering from the operation, and what to expect on going home, read our information leaflet: Anterior vaginal wall repair

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