Effective treatment of gynaecological and pelvic floor disorders requires a multidisciplinary team of specialists, comprising of doctors, nurses and physiotherapists.

When you are referred to our unit, you will usually initially be seen in clinic by a consultant gynaecologist. We will ask questions relating to your symptoms to try to establish their underlying cause and we will examine you.

When appropriate we try to improve your situation with measures such as dietary changes, pelvic floor exercises or medication. Many people find that their symptoms are completely resolved by such measures. We have a team of physiotherapists and specialist nurses who work alongside the doctors in clinic and will help you with this.

Sometimes further investigations such as an ultrasound scan or bladder function studies (urodynamics) are required. These tests are usually performed by our specialist nursing team.

Some of our patients have bowel as well as gynaecological problems and we also work very closely with colorectal doctors and nurses.

For those patients requiring surgery, the operation itself is of course done by a consultant surgeon. The surgeons work with a highly skilled team of theatre nurses who are fully familiar with the complex equipment used in keyhole surgery. You will be cared for in a safe and welcoming environment on our wards.